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The Australian Institute for Performing Arts (AIPA) is a full service performing arts company based in Sydney, Australia with a very active second office in Los Angeles, California USA

Although our success rate of performers working and gaining representation and management in Australia, Canada, the UK and the United States is very high, our grass roots aim is to foster a love of performing arts, in its many disciplines, in every artist who we meet and work with. From the three year old ‘fairies’ who take one ballet class a week, to the seven year old boys who find that dance is cool, to the teenagers who take on the US market for advanced intensive training in their school holiday breaks, to the adults who study career changing courses with us in Australia and the US.  Our work is rewarding to all involved and we love what we do.

We instill self-discipline, technique and a good work ethic in those we work with. We encourage self-esteem, discourage the self-deprecating artists and teach pride in your work. It is okay to recognize that you are good at something as long as you can also see what you need to work on. Do what you love and love what you do. Okay… it is a clique, but in the creative world, truer words couldn’t be spoken

Performing Arts is creative and inspiring and through training, performances, productions, talent development , intensives and  working with a team of people who genuinely care about each individual who walks through our doors and their development, you will soon see what makes AIPA so different to the other schools and companies in this field.

If you are ready to work, ready to have fun, ready to create great pieces, ready to enjoy your craft and ready to be inspired and inspire others through your achievements then the Australian Institute for Performing Arts is ready for you.

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