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What We OfferWithin AIPA there are different branches.

AIPA Talent Development Projects (AIPA TDP) Training & Performance in the US

AIPA TDP is a dynamic branch of AIPA that offers international level training in the US and UK to talented and dedicated performers.  Formally known as “Performing Arts Tours”, the caliber of tutors and the opportunities on offer to performers justified the name change.  A ‘tour’ is just that, a fun opportunity based on a user pays system. Our projects constantly exceed this definition and our audition criteria are very strict. It was actually at the request of a studio SVP that the change was made. In 2013, AIPATDP will offer international training opportunities in Acting, Commercial Dance, Improv, Musical Theatre and Recording/Songwriting.  For more details please go to

Australian and US Talent Development Programme (The) Talent Development in Australia & the US

This talent development programme is by invitation only and is designed for talented and dedicated performers as a safe entrance point into the US market. AIPA works one-on-one with the artists and their parents/guardians (if under eighteen) on developing a business plan for them.  Meetings with agents, managers and industry professionals are then set and we go from there. There is no charge for this service nor any obligation to AIPA. This project has successfully assisted actors from Australia and Canada to achieve their O1 visas and secure management and representation with top firms in the US. We are very proud of the young performers who have emerged from this programme.  For more details please go to

Australian Screen Tests (The) A.S.T Performance and Talent Development in Australia

The Australian Screen Tests ran successfully in 2007 and 2008 with over seven hundred entrants each year. AST was run as a charity event for the NSW Cancer Council. It gave actors an opportunity to screen test with casting professionals, agents and managers from Australia, the US and the UK. Australian Screen Tests, due to the enormous overheads, has been postponed, but will be back in 2013.

Best Camp Ever (BCE 2013) Training in Australia

AIPA offers a fantastic three-week residential intensive for teenagers simply called “Best Camp Ever”. We are pretty sure that you won’t find anything better anywhere else on this planet that is as intensive, fun or draws the caliber of staff that we do for this project. They are truly second to none. Tutors are drawn from Australia, the US, the UK and other countries depending on their expertise. Students can choose from “The Actors’ Conservatory”, “Musical Theatre Review” or “Stunt School Australia”   Programmes include all meals, accommodation, transfers in Australia and tuition.

GLEEClub Australia (GCA) Training in Australia & Performances in the US, the UK and Asia

GLEEClub Australia is a priceless experience for Australian performers as it provides a unique and industry relevant training and performance experience. Being a member of GCA can help students grow and further their love of performing arts. Cast members have the option to rehearse weekly in Sydney and then perform throughout the year in Australia and/or audition for a place in the touring cast. The touring cast learn two shows in an intensive residential bootcamp week in Sydney in July and then travel overseas to perform in late September/early October. Each year the destination and professionals students work with changes to reflect the ever-changing industry. This keeps GCA unique and increase the contact base students work with. Students participate in class programmes designed specifically so that they experience a range of different teaching and directional styles. They work with amazing, industry relevant people who are casting, directing, composing for and choreographing the shows that they watch. In 2012 cast will perform at the industry standard spots including Disneyworld, SeaWorld, Universal Studios Orlando, Busch Gardens, The Queen Mary, Universal City Walk, Balboa Park, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm and Hollywood Blvd*. Students will be involved in the recording of a song for charity (In 2010 & 2011 the group recorded at Westlake Studios) and have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s very best teachers and professionals.    

GLEEClub International (GCI)Training in Australia & Performances in the US, the UK and Asia

In 2013 GLEEClub will expand to involve students from the International Schools and home schooling organizations from across the world. GCI is a wonderful opportunity for teenagers of Expats who may have moved countries a few times in their lifetime or are homeschooled and don’t have the opportunity to be part of a project like this often offered through the schools. Students are united in their love for the performing arts. They come together, train, share experiences with kids ‘who get it’, make new friends, learn a show and then take it to an international destination to perform at world-class performance venues as well as ‘official’ venues relevant to the cast makeup. A documentary is being made on the project and students and their families have the option to opt in or out. GCI will join with GCA and will create an amazing international celebration of performing arts.

The Improv Games (TIG) Training & Performance Worldwide

The Improv Games is an amazing training and performance experience for primary, high-school and university students to train in this confidence building, quick thinking and multidisciplinary skill. T.I.G, coming in 2014, provides a framework for training, development and competition. Each year a training camp is held in a different country and hosted for students to come together and learn, experience intercultural opportunities and have fun. The prize for the winning team is an all-expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to study Improv at one of the world’s most famous Improv schools and perform on the main stage. The teacher/coach is also awarded a great prize. For details please take a look at 

KICK Performance Group (K.P.G) Training in Australia

KPG is a Performing Arts School based in Sydney and established in 1996 to provide training to passionate and dedicated students aged 8 (eight) to young adults. KPG also has an enrichment programme for students aged 3 (three) to 7 (seven) to introduce children to the performing arts in a non-threatening, supportive and fun environment. Parental involvement is encouraged within the school with regular open days, performances and written feedback reports.KPG runs over one hundred weekly classes during the NSW school term and holiday workshops during the NSW school holidays.KPG is a registered childcare provider and eligible parents can claim the NSW Childcare rebate for classes and holiday programmes.KPG has numerous success stories of students who have been cast in professional musicals in Australia and the UK. Other students have starred on television shows such as Home & Away and guest starred on US television shows such as GLEE, The GLEE Project, WEEDS, Kings, CSI LA, Beauty and the Beast and Vanished to name a few.For details please visit

Professional Actors’ Masterclass (The) PAM Training in Los Angeles The Professional Actors Masterclass

(PAM) is a series taught by casting directors and industry professionals in Los Angeles, California. It is an educational series for actors who are serious about their craft, see it as a realistic vocational choice and wish to learn how to improve their performance and audition technique by being in the room, performing sides and getting solid direction and feedback. Our aim is to strengthen ‘bookability’ and skill level by introducing actors to industry professionals (with extensive experience and impeccable reputation) who can share their knowledge and expertise to further an emerging actors’ training.  Each professional is  individually invited to teach based on their skill, professionalism and passion for giving back to actors.  Their wish for each actor is to see them improve and succeed. This wish is genuine and we feel privileged to facilitate such a program. In 2012, actors worked with thirty-two casting professionals and four coaches (dialect and scene study) in thirty-six days. PAM isn’t an easy course, but if you want to know if you are ready for the US industry, then this is the course for you. PAM is run in full compliance with the AB1319 laws and regulations and we are proud to support them.  

Professional Actors’ Workshop Series (The) PAWS Training in Australia

The Professional Actors’ Workshop Series is designed for actors aged 10 (ten) to adults who believe that they are ready to be seen by international casting directors.  The professionals who teach these classes are working casting directors who carve a small amount of time out of their busy schedules to come over and teach Australian actors how to read in US casting rooms and give genuine, critical feedback as to where you stand in the industry. Small classes and private lessons are offered to ensure that the experience feels like an audition experience not a cattle call. Casting Directors who have taught as part of the Professional Actors’ Workshop Series in Sydney include Lisa Beach, Joseph Middleton, Lisa Fields, Monika Mikkelsen, Gary Zuckerbrod, Bonnie Gillespie, Matthew Barry, Seth Yanklewitz, Jeffrey Gelber, Amanda Mackey, Richard Mento, Jane Jenkins, Paul Weber and others who we cannot name for contractual reasons. We encourage you to IMDb these people.

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