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About UsThe Australian Institute for Performing Arts is known as AIPA in Australia and the US.

The Australian Institute for Performing Arts (AIPA) sole aim is to “Create and Inspire”.

Our goal is to create

  • Real opportunities for performing artists.
  • Amazing, industry relevant training courses in Australia, the US and the UK.
  • A sense of self-belief in each performer
  • Awareness of the industry and other marketplaces in the world
  • Unique performance opportunities
  • Relationships based on hard work and respect
  • Something different, alive, trustworthy, genuine, rewarding and fun
  • Trust in the industry
  • Talent development and business plans for those who are ready

 And to Inspire

  • Performers to explore their craft
  • Performers to create works
  • Performers to be self-disciplined and strive for greatness
  • Performers to realize that they are all they are. No one plays you better than you
  • Industry professionals by introducing them to emerging talent
  • Performers and professionals to ‘give back’
  • People that “life is good” and performers make life worthwhile

The Australian Institute for Performing Arts is a Proprietary Limited company in Australia. (AIPA Pty Ltd) 093 235 057 and a Corporation in the United States. (AIPAINC) We are also bonded in the State of California. Within AIPA there are several branches.  All are registered with the NSW Department of Fair Trading and all logos are trademarked.

AIPA  provides  training, productions, performance opportunities and international talent development opportunities to talented individuals in all performing arts disciplines. AIPA came into existence in 2000 when the school KICK Performance Group was growing too quickly to remain a small business. We wanted to expand to offer international opportunities and needed to adapt to a company model. It didn’t change who we are or what we do, it just allows us to do it better.

For information on the different branches within AIPA and what each does, please go to “What we offer”.

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